• Mission

    The “North Central Texas Connection (NCTC), is a continuing work in progress. Without you, the donors, our technical staff and the various repeater owners and trustees, this system could never exist.

    Most of the system is interconnected either by (420 Mhz.) full duplex links or NXU’s (Internet Extension Units Wires & EchoLink”).

    Our primary objective is to provide a backup system for the National Weather Service and their weather spotters during times of inclement weather. Please Read: “System Protocol”.

    The secondary purpose is to provide for you the Amateur Radio Operator a way to communicate in the Dallas/ Ft.Worth metro area and the surrounding cities providing for technical talk and typical idle time chat.

    Numerous long hours, weekends, donations of equipment and funding have allowed us to create this project. We hope you enjoy the system as much as we have enjoyed taking old equipment and giving it a new purpose. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy this valuable resource.

  • DMR on NCTC

    If you use DMR and want to connect to NCTC, use Talk Group: 1148168

    Give us feedback on operational performance @ David@kg5rdf.com.

    This brings a strong path into NCTC  for inclimate weather for NWS.

  • NCTC Field Day

     NCTC Field Day 2018

    For all those interested, here is a map and aerial of the location. It’s at North Holiday Park at Benbrook Lake.

    Entrance to the park is only $5 per carload to get in.

    The menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixins. Chips, cookies, water and soft drinks too.

    What more could ya ask for? Just bring your own lawn chair.

    Plenty of shade from the two trees adjacent to the picnic pavilion. Bathrooms are close by, as well as running water.

    I will bring an 857d w/ 20 meter and 2m SSB antenna. I will also bring dual bands for simplex 2m / 70cm contacts and a talk in channel. Bring whatever you’d like, I am sure there will be plenty of help to setup whatever antenna poles and mounts we can come up with.

    Plenty of generator power is on hand as well.

    I will arrive at the lake early to set up, the earlier the better!

    I am not intending for this to be a serious contesting affair, but rather a family affair; a chance for everyone to meet and socialize. An eyeball QSO. A chance to meet and put a smiling face with those voices we have been talking to.

    I wish to especially extend an invite to the new hams, as this will be a great time to meet others who are just starting out, and to also meet some of us who have “been around awhile”.

    Sports & RecreationBenbrook, TX
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  • Net Control

    The LAARK Contesting and Public Service net will take place the last Sunday of May, May 27, 2018, at 2000L. This net originates on the LAARK 220 repeater 224.00 with a standard offset and PL tone of 110.9. This repeater is also linked to the Rosston 220 repeater (KE5GDB) and the 220 repeater on Stark Hall (AF5RS).

    Please forward to me any Public Service events your club will be participating in for June and the following months, and invite all your members to join this net.

    The topic for this month’s net will be “Contest Logging Software.”

    73 de KC5DCT

    Tim Curtiss

  • ALLSTAR Protocol

    ALLSTAR Protocol:

    Allstar has offered a new avenue to interconnect RF sites into NCTC. Make sure you read the System Protocols. The only node to connect to NCTC is 47115. Enter the system solo, do not be linked to any other Allstar systems, and or nodes, unless they are yours. We implemented a White List. If you read the System Protocols, and understand my above comments, please request access via david@kg5rdf.com.