System Protocol

NCTC System Protocol

The NCTC is an open linked repeater system spreading across North Texas (and beyond) comprised mainly of UHF repeaters. For the system to be effective, the  following guidelines and procedures are strongly encouraged.
It’s very important to key your mic and wait a second or two before talking. This allows the entire system to engage and permits all traffic to be heard from one end of the system to the other. It’s also just as important to allow for pauses in responses while in a QSO to allow timeout timers across the network to reset and allow other stations on the system to break-in if necessary. read more



The “North Central Texas Connection (NCTC), is a continuing work in progress. Without you, the donors, our technical staff and the various repeater owners and trustees, this system could never exist.

Most of the system is interconnected either by (420 Mhz.) full duplex links or NXU’s (Internet Extension Units “DMR, Wires-X, Allstar & EchoLink”).

Our primary objective is to provide a backup system for the National Weather Service and their weather spotters during times of inclement weather. Please Read: “System Protocol”. read more

Weekly Thursday Night Net


The system has a weekly net every Thursday evening at 8:30 pm. Check-ins are strongly encouraged from all over the system to stress-test the network and ensure the every repeater is working properly. This is a great time to practice operating skills and get to know others on the system, announcements, for sale items, etc.